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ThermaSat Propulsion System

ThermaSat is our baseline unit designed for compatibility with 6U and larger spacecraft. It provides high thrust and specific impulse while requiring minimal power draw from the spacecraft bus. Utilizing unpressurized water as propellant this system is rideshare compatible and safe to handle.

ThermaSat Thruster

ThermaSat Lite is a scaled version of ThermaSat designed around a traditional 1U volume and compatible with 3U and larger satellites. With similar thrust, specific impulse, and inert propellant ThermaSat is ideal for smaller form factors

ThermaSat ROAMER

ROAMER is a multipurpose orbital servicing vehicle utilizing ThermaSat propulsion technology. With the ability to be refueled with water, ROAMER will be located around space stations. ROAMER vehicles can assist with station inspections, assembly, and docking of satellites. The water based and low-pressure propulsion system poses little risk to human crew and costly assets. Positioning ROAMER around a central hub allows it to be refueled and supplied with the ability to venture into different orbits to perform servicing, refueling, removal of debris, and repositioning satellites without propulsion systems.

ThermaSat Plus

ThermaSat Plus takes the ThermaSat technologies to a new level. With performance metrics matching that of nuclear thermal rockets, ThermaSat Plus can deliver cargo throughout LEO, GEO, cis-lunar space and beyond. This work-horse is designed to be the fastest and most efficient orbital transport vehicle to ensure total space superiority.

TS full v9-1.png
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ROAMER w Payload and deployed panels no background.png
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