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The Team

Dr. Troy Howe, CEO

troy image.png

Troy is an expert in space propulsion systems, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from University of Idaho in 2015, and has served as PI on multiple SBIR awards, is a two time NASA NIAC fellow, and holds patents on nuclear rocket technologies and other space inventions.

Jack Miller, CTO


Jack is the lead engineer for the ThermaSat research and development program. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2018 as the Astronautical Engineering Program’s Outstanding Graduate and recipient of the Gold Standard in Innovation Award. He holds several patents and published papers for various technologies. In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and wilderness camping.

Marvin Weinberger, Managing Director


Marvin is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with multiple successful businesses. He holds several patents and is an inventor of many American made products. Marvin is the volunteer organizer at the Philly Maker Meetup, and can also be found playing violin for Musicians on Call at his local hospitals.

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